The Picture that Remains, a book with the photographs of Will Brown and the poems of Thomas Devaney is now available for purchase. Its sixty-four pages contain thirty-five photographs and thirteen poems. It is hard bound in cloth with a dust jacket and printed in quadtone by Brilliant Graphics of Exton, Pa. There is an introductory essay by the poet and essayist Vincent Katz. For further information or to purchase this book please click here.

A link to an article in the August 21, 2014 of the Pennsylvania Gazette about The Picture that Remains is here.

Praise for the Picture that Remains:

A great project! Will Brown's photographs are (of course) absolutely astonishing, like the best of Rudy Burckhardt or Aaron Siskind or Manuel Álvarez Bravo. [Devaney's] poems pay stylish and profoundly even-gazed attention to Brown's wonders; yes, the evenness of [Devaney's] gaze - its unwavering honest regard for the "poignant and stubborn" - is a marvel.
-Wayne Koestenbaum

"…this project - a collaboration between the photographer Will Brown and the poet Thomas Devaney - was the product of something genuinely artful, and good.…Who could not love a project like this?"
-Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart's entire review is here.

From Elizabeth Knauss's review in the Philadelphia Inquirer: "This beautifully designed book would shine brightly in any gallery, bookshop - or in the hands of any Philadelphian."

Elizabeth Knauss's entire review can be found here.